Friday, August 4, 2017

White Oak Library Progress Report

A Sneak Peek into White Oak Library's progress

In my last blog post I showed pictures of the concrete being broken up and cement being poured.  Well here are the fabulous pictures of the outside !

Empty concrete pad where White Oak bike rack will be installed.
New bike rack area
Concrete ramp leading to White Oak bookdrop
Ramp leading to the book drop
Handicapped parking spaces awaiting paint
New handicapped parking spaces
Stairs were taken out because they were not ADA compliant. Temporary pieces of wood were placed around the stairs area to add a barrier of protection during construction. 
Concrete stairs encased in a wooden frame.
Temporary stairs
Bathrooms were gutted

Gutted rest room with only wood framing and cinder block walls visible.
Men's restroom 
Empty room with one ladder and wood framing on cinder block walls
Women's restroom
What about books? Yes, lots of new and interesting books are being processed and prepared for our grand reopening.

Children's books in a newly opened box
Box of new children's books
New books sitting on the top row of a metal book cart
                         New books being processed                               
The work continues! Stay tuned to the White Oak Library blog to find out the latest!


Angelisa Hawes
White Oak Library 
Branch Manager


  1. I may have missed it somewhere, but any ideas of when this fall it will be reopened?

    1. We don't have a specific reopening date yet, but we're on track to reopen the branch this fall.

  2. I don't make a habit of nagging, but I remember talking to a librarian about the project. What type of timeframe is estimated?

  3. You have two different dates plans to open.

    1. Sorry for any confusion. Based on our current information, we expect White Oak to reopen in early 2018.