Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Extra! Extra! Construction Continues at White Oak library!

Wrapped bookshelf
So you are wondering how does the REFRESH take place with books being on the shelves?

Boxed new and returned books
Books on the shelves are wrapped with a special kind of plastic wrap so that dust and debris is unable to get onto the shelves and books. Once the shelves are wrapped we can't add any new or returned books to the shelves. The shelves stay wrapped until we are close to re-opening in the fall. New and returned books are now being boxed and sent to storage.  We will be add them to the shelves once construction is complete and the "wrapping" is removed.
What's going on with the construction?


The last 3 weeks have been spent making White Oak's parking lot and its book drop ADA compliant. Customers will have an easier time accessing the sidewalks and stairs to the library, the parking lot and the book drop when the library reopens from its refresh project. An ADA ramp was installed in front of the old book drop. The book drop will also be replaced so that the height meets ADA guidelines.

Tearing up uneven concrete
Front view of ramp


Conduit being run through the ceiling

Bathroom fixtures removed in preparation for demolition
So what is else is happening while the library is closed?

White Oak Library's 3 book discussion groups are meeting at the White Oak Recreation Center. These book discussion groups include :

1) Mystery book discussion group
2) Evening book discussion group
3) African-American book discussion group.

The chess group is also meeting on Sundays at the White Oak Recreation Center.

Citizenship classes sponsored by the Baltimore City Community College are meeting at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, which is located at 11612 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20904. 

Please stay tuned to the White Oak library blog for updates and pictures of construction. Thanks

     Angelisa Hawes
     Branch Manager

See our Flickr slideshow for more construction pictures -

White Oak Refresh    


  1. Thanks for posting this news and photos of your progress at White Oak. Can;t wait to see the finished product early in the new year.