Monday, June 19, 2017

What's Going On at White Oak Library?

White Oak Library officially closed on April 15, 2017. Many were sad to see us close, but we're excited for the new changes that will happen with the refresh project!

exterior of White Oak library on a sunny day with closed for renovation sign

So what happens before construction begins? White Oak library staff spent approximately 2 weeks in the building packing and shelving materials. The children's area had to be completely packed so that old shelving could be removed. Books, DVD's, CD's were all placed in boxes and labeled. Once the packing was completed, the White Oak library staff began their temporary assignments at impacted branches. Impacted branches included Marilyn Praisner, Silver Spring, Long Branch, and Wheaton Interim library.

Before Pictures

Two blue chairs sitting in front of shelf of picture books
Children's Picture Book Area

shelves of books on cd
Books on CD

girl sitting at a table reading a book with brightly decorated walls behind
Children's Room

desk with the word checkout on it
Circulation Desk

After books were packed and old shelves were taken down

large open area with carpet a little furniture and support poles
Children's Room after books and shelving were removed.

An asbestos contractor was hired to remove all of the carpeting and the mastic which had been found to have asbestos in it. This process took a couple of weeks and the areas are now ready for new flooring to be laid.

Remediation pictures

Plastic Enclosure with warning signs
Teen Area

After the abatement pictures

Concrete floors and wall shelving in large open area
Magazine and PC Area

Concrete floors and support poles in large open area
Children's Area

Concrete floors and support poles in large open area
Adult and Teen Area

So what happens next? Contractors will begin to fix ADA issues on the inside and outside of the building. Bathrooms will have old tile and fixtures removed. Un-leveled and damaged cement and bricks outside of the building will be removed and replaced.

So what other types of updates will I see at the White Oak Library?
  • 2 new collaboration rooms
  • New furniture
  • Painting and re-carpeting of the public areas
  • Some new shelving in Adult and Teen areas
  • All new shelving in Children's area
  • Remodeling the public restrooms including floors, walls, and toilet stall partitions
  • New ADA compliant ramp for book drop access
  • Additional digital signage monitors

Stay tuned to the White Oak Library blog for more details!

Selfie of woman in a blue shirt

Angelisa Hawes
White Oak Branch Manager