Thursday, February 15, 2018

Grand Reopening of the White Oak Library - April 2, 2018

The White Oak Library will officially re-open on April 2, 2018 at 10 AM. 

We invite you to attend the White Oak Library Grand Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting Celebration on Monday, April 2, 2018. County Executive Isiah "Ike" Leggett will officiate the ceremony. Please join us in celebrating our newly refreshed library. Refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Library, White Oak chapter.

We are in the last few weeks of the library refresh project. Finishing touches are being completed before the new furniture is delivered. So what should you expect to see when you return to the White Oak Library?

What new things will you see when you visit the library:

 - Ergonomic sit / stand information & circulation desks
 - Complete renovation of the public restrooms
 - Book drop, bike racks, sidewalk, parking lot improvements
 - Designer coordinated furniture, tables, and seating groups
 - Color coordinated / accent painting, carpet, and other floorings
 - Two collaboration rooms (these can be booked online)
 - New staircase railing to the lower level area
 - LED lighting – new fixtures and retrofitted existing fixtures
 - Dual drinking fountain with bottle filling station
 - Motorized window shades
 - 10 laptops that can be checked out
 - Coffee vending machine
 - Laptop lane in the lower level

What happened while the library was closed that you might not notice: 

 - New roof and roof drains
 - New plumbing pipes in the bathrooms and water fountains
 - Removal of asbestos - Re-wiring of electricity and upgraded electrical panels
 - Energy efficient LED bulbs

 Hope to see you on April 2, 2018!

White Oak Branch Manager Angelisa Hawes
White Oak Branch Manager
Angelisa Hawes

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A New Year with a New Look.......

Needed plumbing and electrical work are progressing. Soon after plumbing and electrical inspections were completed, tiling and installations of toilets began in the women's and men's restrooms. Toilet partitions will be installed next week.

Two incomplete toilets being installed in the men's room.
Men's bathroom

One not completely installed toilet
Women's bathroom

Lighting continues to be installed in the main reading and teen areas, making the library brighter.

New ceiling lighting above bookshelves
New lighting
The quiet study room will now have electrical plugs in front of each desk (carrel). Customers will no longer have to bend down and climb under the desk to plug into surge protectors or extension cords. A new "knee wall" has been installed and electrical outlets have been placed on each side of the wall.

Waist height wall to support electrical outlets
Knee wall
Installation of wall protection was also completed around the circulation and information desks. This protection is important to keep the walls looking good when book carts hit them. The new carpeting is protected with white corrugated plastic floor protection and Ram Board.

Soft wall covering to protect walls from book carts
Wall protection

 Please stay tuned to the White Oak Library blog to the find out the latest.

White Oak Manager Angelisa Hawes
                Angelisa Hawes
                Branch Manager

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action...

New Shelving and More Lighting Installed

New shelving was installed in the Children's Room this week. The installers worked quickly, putting metal pieces together and then adding faux wood panels on the ends of each row. 

New bookshelves still in their shipping boxes
Shelving in boxes    

The metal framing of the bookshelves are put in place
Skeleton frame of shelving

Completed half height shelving installed at the entrance of the Children's Room
Children's Room, shelving at front entrance

Finished shelves in Children's Room stacks
Finished shelves in Children's Room stacks

More new shelving will be installed  in the Teen, Adult, and Magazine areas in the next couple of weeks. Additional LED lighting is being installed in the reading areas.

Upgraded lighting in the new book area
New book area

Upgraded lighting in the new book area/teen area
New book area/teen area

So what else is happening? White Oak staff are in the process of planning great programs for our community when the library reopens. We can't wait to see you soon!

Please stay tuned to the White Oak Library Blog to find out the latest on the White Oak Library refresh project.

White Oak branch manager Angelisa Hawes

    Angelisa Hawes
    Branch Manager

Thursday, December 7, 2017

ANTICIPATION! Is making me wait.....

As a child I remember watching the Heinz ketchup commercial with the ketchup slowly flowing out of the glass bottle as the young man waited for it to fall on his french fries. Well refresh projects can be a little like that at times. So I'm excited to show you sneak peeks of the inside of the library.

So many things have happened since I last posted.  Lots of carpet and tiles have been laid throughout the library, but the carpeting has not been completely finished-YET! However the children's room walls have been painted and carpeting laid. In the next couple of weeks new shelving will be delivered and  installed throughout the children's room. The picture below shows a corner in the children's room

Children's room new carpeting and paint
New carpet tiles in Adult Fiction aisles

Tiles in large meeting room
To help with costs damaged doors were sanded and then painted in a beautiful Sherwin Williams paint named Gray Shingle. The doors look AWESOME!

    Hallway door in front of elevator
Tile work has begun in the upper and lower levels of the bathrooms.

  1st floor men's restroom
    1st floor women's restroom

Roof work and new LED lighting installation continues throughout the library.

Lights in Adult fiction area 
 Roof awning replaced
Please stay tuned to the White Oak blog to find out the latest on the White Oak Library REFRESH project.

                Angelisa Hawes
                Branch Manager

Friday, November 17, 2017

Forging On! Step by Step

After a few delays the refresh project is forging on....step by step! The roof work continues even in the chilly weather!

Exterior of White Oak Library
White Oak exterior

Previously stained and broken tiles were removed from the ceilings throughout the library. This week new tiles were replaced in the ceilings throughout the library.

Ceiling tiles not yet installed, making the insulation and duct work visible
Old tiles removed
Same shot with new ceiling tiles installed.
New tiles replaced 

New tiles over adult fiction and non-fiction stacks.
New tiles over adult fiction and non-fiction stacks.

The old children's room entrance that was moved further from the entrance door was painted. Pictures show the beginning stages to the completed stage. The room looks so much brighter with new ceiling tiles and new paint color!

Old children's room entrance before painting
Old children's room entrance

Prepping to paint around children's room entrance glass
Prepping to paint around children's room entrance glass

Newly painted children's entrance
Newly painted children's entrance

In the study room, a "knee wall" has been added between carrels to provide more electrical outlets for customers with laptops. Previously customers plugged their devices into a surge protector. Electrical outlets have been added into this knee wall which is still under construction.

Steel skeleton of the knee wall being installed to provide electrical outlets
Knee wall

New safety exit signs and more fire extinguishers are being installed throughout the library.

New exit sign at the entrance of White Oak Library
New exit signs

Stay tuned to the White Oak Library blog to find out what's happening with the refresh project!

White Oak manager Angelisa Hawes


Angelisa Hawes
Branch Manager